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 Full Inventory? Again..? :/

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PostSubject: Full Inventory? Again..? :/   Sat 23 Feb - 21:22

Yes, the subject we ve already talked about, but came up with no ideas so far, once again in the topics!

I m sick of emptying my inventory while i farm..
The worst thing is that, its not just that you got some items, and the rest of them , just are being dropped. NO! You may also have dropped an item already in your inventory, to get another one. Sounds ok, but about this.
On this way i lost 2.400 seeds (dont remember what kind) to get a Metallic Fiber... 0mg L0L??!!
Till i see whats going on, it was gone (items on the ground stay for 30 sec and then disappear, to not lag the server)

So what you gotta do is check every second if all the things you need are there, and somethinng s down, you have in less than 30 sec to get rid of some items (while mobs are on you) and pick up the ones you need..

1. Really simple: Why there must be Pollen? Gunpowder? Some quest item yellow dust (dont remember name) and things like that, that we DO NOT need??
2. GMs decided that mobs should drop 32154632 items each, for custom armors/weapons/jewllery. ok
But then, disappear all other drops like mats and parts and things like these? Who needs coal? and stems? and majestic earring beads? nobody i guess...

Like this, we would have some empty space in our inventory.

another good idea, is to make our inventorys bigger. Instead of 80 and 100 in dwarves max, make it 150 and 200.

Any good ideas are welcome,
Ty for your time,
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PostSubject: Re: Full Inventory? Again..? :/   Sun 24 Feb - 2:27

I agree with you it's sick to have just 80 slots (dwarven has 100)... You should increase inventory slots (a lot, look at the variety of junk we receive) or delete the drop of those useless items!
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Full Inventory? Again..? :/
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