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 Buffer bot in event (want GM's opinion)

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PostSubject: Buffer bot in event (want GM's opinion)   Thu 21 Feb - 15:24

So it was a casual TvT by the site of BeBeR.

I was in blue team with another archer, and also a warcrier with A-Grades named "Sagapw" or something like this.
From the 1st second I knew what was going on with this orc.

Greek n00bs (not all of Greeks are noobs, i m talking just for the ones who are), when in TvT, they also subscribe their buffer, so they will be able to get buffs during the event.

How stupid is this?? I mean, its supposed to be a self buff TvT!!!

Anyway the orc belongs to a Dark Elf archer named "DarkAngelII" i think, who was in team orange, and had buffed his whole team, with his "blue-team" orc.

In the end orange team won (wonder why).

I dont care I lost by some cheaters, (well I do but not that much), I just want the GM's opinion, just to know if this is against the rules. Or else, everyone should have its own buffer in the event.
If its not legal, i would appreciate if the GM's would take a look for these occasions in TvTs, and give a ban to those bot-buffers.


PS: The most annoying thing was that orange team guys kept telling me: "read the rulls" and "its not againsts them" and "we own" and -_- like that..

PS2 (lol) : It actually was MaryClaire (she should know that actually its "MarieClaire" but anyway) from orange team who was saying these, and also she kept saying that she knows Vault , and I ll get banned when he s in.
I leave it to GM's opinion, and if he thinks that i should get banned after all this these cheating nabs did, then its fine by me.
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PostSubject: Re: Buffer bot in event (want GM's opinion)   Thu 21 Feb - 21:11

I don't think you'll be ban, why would you ?
Reading your story, you didn't do anything.

Anyway it is true that it is not againts the rules of the server. But I do agree with you that it is not fair.

2 solutions for you:
-Do exactly the same as they did. Roll your buffer.
-Pray for TvT to be all buff and not just self buff. This way you can get your buff before the event, so everybody has the same buff.

Just my two cents thought.

Good luck IG ^^
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Buffer bot in event (want GM's opinion)
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