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 Tatoo's Stat

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PostSubject: Tatoo's Stat   Sat 26 Jan - 14:02

Tattoo of Power: +12% P. Attack
Tattoo of Fire: +15 Reflect Damage
Tattoo of Resolve: +33 Speed
Tattoo of Flame: +12% M. Attack
Tattoo of Bravery: +25% Critical
Tattoo of Blood: +40% Bleed
Tattoo of Absolute: +15% HP
Tattoo of Soul: +27% Attack Speed
Tattoo of Avadon: +27% Casting Speed
Tattoo of Doom: +113 P. Defense.
Tattoo of Pledge: +40 P. Def, +7 Evasion.
Tattoo of Divine: +80 Hold.,+80 Sleep, +80 Stun.
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Tatoo's Stat
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